The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program provides a recognized standard of musical achievement through a sequenced system of study and individual student assessments, from preparatory to advanced levels. Considered the foremost music education system in the United States and many other countries around the world.  

  • The RCM Certificate Program is considered the “gold standard” in many countries for its ability to develop high-calibre musical literacy. 

  • Each year, more than 30,000 teachers motivate more than 500,000 students to participate in music making. 

  • The program has been proven to be a powerful tool for developing children’s intellectual, social and creative potential. 

  • With a focus on nurturing creativity and developing self-confidence, the program allows students to work at their own pace.  

  • The program motivates students, helps them set and achieve goals and instills a sense of accomplishment as they complete each level. 

Congratulations to Alex P. who earned the State Certificate of Excellence for obtaining the highest mark of the academic year 2017.